Swanky Tunes

 • UMF、Tomorrowland 爭相邀請 EDM 新銳 

 • 天王 Tiësto 力邀共譜舞池國歌 Make Some Noise 

 • 2013 荷蘭 Sensation 白色派對主秀演出 


來自莫斯科的 Swanky Tunes 於 2006、2007 連續兩年於家鄉獲得「俄羅斯舞曲大獎」而開始受到國際間的重視,單曲作品也開始受到 Tiësto、David Guetta、Swedish House Mafia 以及 Laidback Luke 的青睞。2011 年,他們的單曲 Sending My Love 讓他們真正成為享譽全球的國際級製作人,合作邀約也如雪片般飛至;其中,最令人亮眼的莫過於與 Tiësto 合作的單曲 Make Some Noise 了。該曲的成功不僅讓 Swanky Tunes 成為全球舞池新寵,更讓 Swanky Tunes 成為 UMF、Tomorrowland 以及 Sensation 等音樂季的坐上嘉賓。

Born in 1998 near Moscow, Swanky Tunes have always experimented with different electronic styles in pursuit of their own sound. At first, was techno, before moving into a distinctly big-beat influenced sound. Thanks to their solid musical culture and their outstanding studio skills, the Russian trio quickly managed to become one of the most looked after EDM band.

Back in 2006 & 2007, they were rewarded as ‘Best Musical Group’ at the Russian Dance Music Awards, while first striking outside their homeland with releases signed on several famous international Dance such as Refune, Mixmash, Spinnin', Axtone & Size...

Supported by the best international DJs and always quoted by Dance Music heavy weights like Tiësto, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, Laidback Luke and many others, nothing seems to stop Swanky Tunes.

In 2011, they released one of the most played dancefloor tracks, ‘Sending My Love’, along with R3hab & Max’C. This track definitely revealed them to the world club scene. Since then, they always move forward in studio, remixing big names and releasing their own dancefloor bangers with a very recognizable sound and unique trademark.

Short after their outstanding collaboration with Tiësto on his famous Musical Freedom imprint, Swanky Tunes launched its own Showland label in September 2012. The first reference, ‘Blood Rush’, quickly turned Showland into an established and looked after label.

Apart from touring and performing the biggest stages, 2013 will be dedicated to Showland’s development. A new release will hit the charts each month and big collaborations are already set up. Showland is the perfect place for Swanky Tunes to have their best collaborations being revealed, with a very special eye on international upcoming talents.

Showland is also the name of Swanky Tunes’s monthly podcast & radio show, already broadcasted all around the world.

Everything’s set up to have Swanky Tunes hanging on top of the EDM world!